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Scott Dugan is hands down the best luxury home appraiser in Las Vegas.

    Kenneth Lowman/Owner Broker

    Luxury Homes- Las Vegas, NV

R Scott Dugan Appraisal Company
Appraisal Company, Inc.

What We Offer

Welcome to R. Scott Dugan Appraisal Company, Inc.


At R. Scott Dugan Appraisal Company, Inc., we specialize in residential real estate appraisals.  Our clients include home buyers and sellers, banks, law firms, Realtors®, the FDIC or anyone with a vested interest in real estate. These are the dealmakers. At our company “we don’t make the deal, we make the difference” by providing the information market participants need to make good decisions. Our range of valuation and real estate consulting services includes appraisals for mortgage financing, seller or buyer price analysis, forensic expert testimony that includes tax assessment, divorce, estate, trust, taxation purposes and­­­ more.  From ordering the appraisal to final delivery, we are able to expedite and help manage all our clients residential appraisal needs.

Our Clients

|  First Republic Bank  |  Guarantee Bank  |  City National Bank  |   
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